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Tornedalen/Tornionlaakso/Torne Valley

Matarengi Forskarförening i Övertorneå / HaparandaTornio Släktforskarförening

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If you do not wish to become a member of any association, you can get access to Erik Wahlberg's genealogy and family research (online).


To access the material, you can pay a fee of $ 23 for six months and / or $34 for a full year.

Here you can order subscriptions to Erik Wahlberg's research material covering around 10,000 pages research on families and families in the Torne Valley, on both sides of the border between Sweden and Finland. The time era like Erik Wahlberg researched extends between the 1600s to the late 1800s.


Here's how to solve.

  • Enter your name, phone number (preferably mobile number), your email, address, homeplace and postcode.
  • The "info" write "I wish to have access to Erik Wahlberg's genealogy and family research." Here you also specify the fee of $23 or $34.
  • Select the check box
  • You can also sign up as a member HaparandaTornio Släktforskarförening (HTSF) or Matarengi Research Association (MFF).





Price $ (2017-03-15)



Member HTSF or MFF (150 skr)
Subscription 6 m Erik Wahlberg (200 skr)
Subscription 1 year Erik Wahlberg (300 skr)
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